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  1. Why do you use open front kennels instead of fully enclosed rooms?

We feel that putting a dog in a small enclosed room with a solid door and no view of the daily activities is very stressful. The dogs need to see what is going on and to see other dogs so that they do not feel isolated. We also steered away from full glass fronts because they tend to get hot and stuffy. The stainless steel open front on the kennel provides excellent air circulation and takes full advantage of the year-round climate controlled facility.

Why don’t your kennels have individual outdoor runs for each kennel?

Having individual outdoor runs attached to each kennel has a few down-sides. Firstly, having a trap door or sliding gate to the outside defeats the purpose of our air conditioning in the summer and is very drafty in the winter. Secondly, not having these trap doors also prevents unwanted little ‘guests’ from coming in to get warm during the winter.

How often will my dog get exercised?

All of the dogs are taken out into fenced, supervised yards four times a day. They are put in playgroups of no more than six dogs per yard where they get to run and play with other dogs and get a lot of that all important socialization that dogs need. In addition, they will also receive a ONE-ON-ONE play time with one of our staff members.

My dog is social, but is older and is not able to enjoy group play anymore. Can you accommodate this?

Absolutely. We can either put your older dog out with similar dogs that just like to calmly mingle and just ‘chill’ on the gazebo, or we can take him for a walk on his own to get his exercise and outdoor times.

Can I request an individual walk for my dog each day?

Yes, for your pet’s one-on-one, any of our mature, qualified staff will gladly take him for a walk on one of our trails. We will never entrust your pet’s care to children.

Why don’t you accept non-neutered male dogs?

Through experience, we have found that by nature non-neutered male dogs tend to be more dominant and assertive toward the other dogs. The other dogs can also sense that there is a non-neutered male in the kennel so many become restless and uneasy whether inside resting or outside playing. We therefore chose to put the welfare and enjoyment of all of the other dogs first, in our decision.


What is the earliest time I can drop off and the latest I can pick up?

Daycare is offered From 7.30am to 6.00pm. you can drop off and pick up anytime during this time frame.

Can I come for just a half a day?

Yes, we offer 1/2 Day daycare which consists of a stay less than 4 hours.

What is the last playtime of the day?

The last playtime for daycare dogs is between 4.30pm and 5.30pm.

Is my daycare rate guaranteed for the life of my dog?

Yes, Daycare rates are guaranteed for the life of the dog.

What do you do in inclimate weather?

Rain or Shine Dogs get out to play. We do have covered areas in all the yards and we take dogs out for shorter times more frequently during periods of extreme cold and/or heat.



We request that you come and see the kennel with your dog before boarding with us. (Dog’s vaccinations must be up to date or he/she will not be permitted in the kennel). This visit will allow you to tour the facility and it allows us to meet your pet. It is important that we assess your dog as he/she will be playing in the compound with other dogs and therefore must be social. Visiting will also make it easier for your dog when he/she eventually boards here, as it will be a familiar place.

Please complete the form below, and we will gladly contact you to arrange for a visit. If you prefer, you may also call or fax us at the numbers above.


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